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Tired of always traveling to those luxury resorts where you get everything at the snap of your fingers? Well, why not try to rough it up for a change? This holiday, let’s just leave everything and get in touch with nature by visiting a place that makes sure you forget about civilization and its benefits. Welcome to Rocky Point!

Formerly called as Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point is situated near the Sea of Cortez and is about 66 miles south of the Mexican border in the US. Bridged between the sea and the Sonora Desert, Rocky Point has been for ages a popular destination for adventure lovers and thrill seekers. The Cholla Bay which is located about 5 miles from the place is known for its extreme tide changes and tide pools.


Location: There is a small airstrip in Rocky Point and you can catch a private flight from Phoenix, Arizona. Flights take about 1 ½ hours to travel to the area and you need to pay about 10 dollars upon landing if you choose a private plane. Charter flights are also available in addition to the option of driving to Rocky Point from Arizona which takes about 4 hours.

Things to Do: There is so much to do in and around Rocky Point that a single day would not suffice. The place has something for every kind of traveler and has its own areas for the loud party going group or the ones that require peace and tranquility.

The area is filled to the core with numerous shops, nightclubs, restaurants, small eateries, cafes and cantinas. Spring Break is the time Rocky Point gets crowded to its highest capacity with nearly 60000 students rushing to the destination to party it out day and night. In addition to this, the beaches of Rocky Point are hot spots and are the major reason for tourists continuously visiting the destination.

The beaches are sandy white and caress absolutely clear blue waters. They stretch on for miles as if there was no end to them and are crowded for the most part. If you are a beach lover, you will absolutely love the beaches in Rocky Point which offer so many activities like windsurfing, water and jet skiing, boating, sailing, banana boat riding, wake board para sailing, snorkeling, beach combing, dirt biking, 4 wheeling and riding dune buggies. You can also camp out at the beach if you don’t get accommodation although a fair number of people do it just for the fun of it.

The water bodies in and around Mexico are usually warm and are home to several species of fishes like dorados, wahoos, sailfishes and marlins. If you are an avid fan of the sport of fishing, you can hire a private charter boat that takes you to the best spots in the region. These boats come complete with a captain, fishing gear and bait. Todo sobre salud dental

The El Pinacate National Park is situated about 45 km from Rocky Point and there are frequent tours to the park in addition to hiking expeditions that take you to the surrounding volcanic regions as well, which include trips to volcanic hills, lava fields and huge volcanic craters.

The federally protected Islands of San Jorge are also located close to Rocky Point and offer wild life and bird watching tours that enable you to catch glimpses of a variety of birds and animals in addition to a number of sea lions that reside in the area. Scuba Diving is a popular activity around these Islands where the coral reef has been left untouched and so retained its natural beauty over the years.

Golf lovers will love Rocky Point with its golf courses located inland and close to the beach. There are two 18 hole golf courses in the region in addition to courses in nearby Las Palomas and Mayan Palace. The golf courses in these regions come with their own club houses, equipment shops and nearby restaurants.

Plan your next trip to Rocky Point, Mexico and have an action packed adventure filled with parties and fun filled activities! So many places to visit and so much to do in  just one place. A holiday in Rocky Point will definitely leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

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    Rocky Point Travel

    Rocky Point Travel

    Tired of always traveling to those luxury resorts where you get everything at the snap of your fingers? Well, why not try to rough it up for a change? This hol





    Rocky Point Travel
    Rocky Point Travel

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