Causes & Signs Of Postpartum Depression




Pregnancy and depression are part of same coin. One comes with another, no matter how much you avoid the second one. All women look forward for the biggest and happiest day when she can take her baby in arms. Then why happiness is followed by depression and mom goes through it.

After crossing nine crucial months of pregnancy, this is supposed to be considered last stage and most difficult stage. As here you would not be able to make out the reason behind. We all know about the widespread term, used in our society, depression. But when depression affects new moms than that is called postpartum depression or non psychotic depression.


In simple words depression which comes after pregnancy. It can even come after 2-3 months of birth. In some moms symptoms are very mild and they become normal after few weeks. But some new mom’s build up more strong shape of depression and they have to go for proper medication. Mostly 85% of newly moms goes through this. If you see with medical eyes then you will realize that this happens all due to hormonal changes in your body.

This process starts straight away when you get pregnant. During nine month two of hormones in our body increase extremely. After birth of child count of these hormones come down to normal level, this fast change in our body results us to go through postpartum depression. Where as other set of specialist believe that there is no relation between hormones and depression, as no hormonal treatment is able to heal postpartum depression in moms.


Other than hormonal changes there are other factors also which can result in postpartum depression. Most important factor is if mom has gone under stress during nine months of pregnancy than the chances of postpartum depression doubles. When mom is more into drinking alcohol or smoking, then also there is a high chance of postpartum depression. Sometimes after getting pregnant you think it’s not a right time for this. Unplanned pregnancy can also make you fall in postpartum depression.

If some one in your family is suffering from depression or anxiety then also there is high probability to face postpartum depression. Some women are so much caring towards there bodies that minor change in their body shape can also guide them to postpartum depression. Many times mothers want to shower their love on new ones by giving them more than expected. At this stage they forget that they are not super moms, due broken sleep, weakness in their body or due to other household responsibilities they also need proper rest.

Trying to prove the best person some times they land up troubling others by inviting postpartum depression. After the new person in family love and attention of family members get diverted. Most of the moms are not able to adopt this change towards them. And after new responsibilities they are not able to enjoy free time with their spouse as prior. All these conditions are also responsible for postpartum depression.


Unbalanced income or moms with low income can also face postpartum depression, as they start worrying about the funds needed for child upbringing. Unhealthy marriage, poor support of family or friends or even unemployment can also trigger postpartum depression in new moms. Recetas de cocteles

Warning Sign

The warning signs of postpartum depression are little different than regular depression. There are other warning signs than depressed mood, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, trouble sleeping and fatigue.  When postpartum depression hit new mom can feel irritated with any small things happening around them. They start disliking the things which they were found of early.

They might feel scare while taking care for new born baby. They are not being able to take care of themselves and their babies. Postpartum depression obstructs woman’s loving nature towards its new born child. Most of the time they are enclosed by negative thoughts regarding their new ones and even them self. Many shape alert moms get postpartum depression after facing pre-pregnancy figure. Lots of them start loosing body mass due to very poor appetite.

At this stage they don’t look for the reason and ignore it. Their concentration level goes down, due to which they do not enjoy doing work. Most of them stop enjoying sex, which really helps their married life. In high postpartum depression they can think of suicide or killing their new born, as she consider little one responsible for the changes happening in their life. It is not that all moms show same warning signs. Some of them even experience frequent head aches or problem in breathing due to anxiety. Rapid heart beat, feeling pain in chest are other warning signs of postpartum depression.


There is no specific test which can predict postpartum depression. But before starting any medication for postpartum depression you should go for blood test, through which you can come to know if up coming indication are due to another disease or not. If you are going through postpartum depression then it can be treated through medication or consulting a cycatherist. Do not run off or ignore postpartum depression, as it can come back in your life and harm you and your family.

Home cure

Besides medicine there are other cures which you can do at home any time. Very first thing do not try to prove yourself super mom. Do what you can do. Leave rest of the work. Do not stress yourself. Discuss your problem with your spouse and family members. Try to met other new moms. Whenever you think postpartum depression is ruling over you try to call you friend or family member for household help. If none of them is available try to talk to some one on phone.

You can even go for quick trip to shopping mall next to your door. Do not hesitate to take your baby with you. Basically if you are surrounded by people then chances of postpartum depression decreases. Appoint care taker for your child, even for 2-3 hours will work. You can enjoy this time with your friends, watching movie or what ever you feel like. But try to avoid spending this time alone. In evenings take a small wake in garden, here your baby will also enjoy looking new faces. Do not hesitate while asking help.

Causes & Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Causes & Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy and depression are part of same coin. One comes with another, no matter how much you avoid the second one. All women look forward for the biggest and





Causes & Signs Of Postpartum Depression
Causes & Signs Of Postpartum Depression

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