How To Avoid Weight Loss During Pregnancy




Pregnancy is the time when you are advised to eat for two. In most cases of pregnancy, women have a steady weight gain and sometimes go overboard with tremendous weight gain that they find it difficult to remove after delivery. 

Whilst some weight gain during pregnancy is imminent due to the growing weight of the baby inside the womb, weight loss during pregnancy is absolutely not recommended unless you are overweight or have certain illnesses like gestational diabetes that requires you to keep a check on your weight.

Weight loss during pregnancy can be due to many reasons. Morning sickness is one strong reason for weight loss during pregnancy. Women who have very severe morning sickness will find it difficult to sustain the food that they have taken due to the continuous throwing up and resultant tiredness. Morning sickness will make them loathe food intake which will lead to weight loss.


Another possible cause of weight loss during pregnancy is lack of appetite or loss of appetite which could again be connected with morning sickness and nausea. If you have these symptoms in its severest forms which is making you lose weight considerably, it is important to talk to the doctor about it and remove the symptoms before it becomes a health risk for the mother as well as the baby. Weight loss in the mother can lead to malnutrition in the baby and must be taken seriously.

OTC Drugs With Your Doctors Approval

If your weight loss due to morning sickness is too much, it is advisable to take an over – the- counter medication with the advice of your doctor. This will stop your nausea and morning sickness and help you take more food and combat the deficiency that could have caused in your diet as well as the baby’s.

Though it is advisable not to take medications during pregnancy, sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks and hence you have to go with the benefits rather than stick to the risks. There are many safe medications that are administered for nauseous conditions during pregnancy and you need not worry too much about it if you are asked to take one for improving your condition. Remember never to take OTC drugs without the approval of a doctor.

Take Meals Right on Time to Prevent Weight Loss

While the nausea and morning sickness could be troubling you not just in the morning, but all throughout the day, you must ensure that none of the meals are skipped due to fear of vomiting. Women who are pregnant and working sometimes skip meals to avoid getting nauseous in the office or because they are busy at work.

Whilst you can get away with such practices when you are not pregnant, skipping meals when you are pregnant can be harmful for the development of the baby as well. Ensure that you always have your meals ready on time. A good way to ensure this is to carry your breakfast and lunch packed with you when you are at work. This will ensure that you eat safe and healthy food at the right time too. Ratones para gaming


Nutrient Rich Snacks to Prevent Weight Loss

When you are losing weight during pregnancy, you must think of snacking up and stocking your cupboards with healthy snacks that can be consumed during pregnancy. Therefore, pile up on fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. which you can munch on when you feel hungry. Eating smaller snacks could also help you control your nausea and vomiting sensation to a certain extent. Make sure that you avoid processed foods that contain preservatives and additives, and sweets that only add empty calories that are not required.

Keep a Track on Calories

When you are losing weight, you need to keep track on the calories that you are eating to ensure that you have adequate amounts added in your diet to provide for the baby and you. Count the calories that you consume every day. There is no need to add extra calories unless specified by the doctor. Gorging too much could only lead to adding too much weight which is not required even if you are thin.

Avoid Over Exertion to Prevent Weight Loss

Sometimes overexerting your body could be the reason for weight loss. This group of women could belong to the working women, when works gets out of hand and you start over exerting your body to get things done. Avoiding meals, sleep and rest during these times will lead to exhaustion and weight loss due to ill nutrition.

There is also another group of women who undergo severe weight loss due to exercise. These women are scared of gaining too much weight and are trying to reduce weight as they gain. This too is dangerous for the baby as well as the mother as calories that you require are being burned away and they are not getting replaced with nutrition as well. The baby could have developmental problems in such a case and the mother too would soon succumb to fatigue and extreme tiredness.

For Women With Gestational Diabetes

Some women develop gestational diabetes when they are pregnant. For such women, weight loss becomes very essential in order to reduce the diabetic condition and prevent damage to the baby as well as the mother. For women with gestational diabetes, a healthy weight loss regimen can be worked out in order to prevent becoming overly thin and preventing nutrients to the baby. A 30 minute workout plan where you can choose swimming, walking, aerobics, biking or yoga can be planned with the guidance of your doctor.

Gestational diabetes symptoms can improve greatly with healthy weight loss. Make sure that you plan your workout in such a way that it is kept under control. Along with the weight loss, ensure that you have some control over your diet as well and include fruits and vegetables that are essential for the body. Obese women too would want to undergo some weight loss during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about tips and safety issues while losing weight during pregnancy.

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How To Avoid Weight Loss During Pregnancy

How To Avoid Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you are advised to eat for two. In most cases of pregnancy, women have a steady weight gain and sometimes go overboard with tremendo





How To Avoid Weight Loss During Pregnancy
How To Avoid Weight Loss During Pregnancy

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