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All parents love their kids but their busy and hectic life gives them no time to spend with their kids.  This makes their kids lonely and dejected.  This feeling of loneliness has negative affect on their childhood development .It develops them into introvert adults .

Sometimes, they  even pick up wrong companies of friends and indulge into wrong habits like drug abuse, drinking alcohols, smoking, lying etc.  Therefore, it is important for every parent to spend quality time with their kids and develop a strong relationship with them.  By building strong relationship, parents can nurture their kids and help them develop into good and responsible adults.


It’s a wonderful feeling to see our kids grow.  They are bundle of joy that provide an opportunity to every parent to relive their childhood. There is no doubt that every child is special for their parent but they are too small to understand this fact.

They believe what they see.  It’s their parent’s actions and words which make them feel special and bonded.  They love to be loved and pampered by their parents.  Therefore, parents must give unconditional love to their kids.  This not only helps to build strong child parent bond but it also helps to -

* boost the confidence level
* improve self esteem
* improve their self image
* improve communication
* make them feel special

So, parents must take out time for their little ones and include certain activities in their daily life to make their relationship strong.

Special morning moments

Creating a special mornings for your kid is the best way to start the day.  Mornings are always very busy.  So, it’s always better to wake up bit early to spend some quality time with your kid.  Cuddle her and wake her up.  Give her lot of hugs and kisses.  Take her to the balcony, spend few moments, and talk about your plans, her plans, and other activities for the entire day.  Assure her that you will be there when she needs you.  This becomes all the more important in situations where

Both the parents are working and kid spends the entire day at creche.
Kid goes to school and spends her day away from her parents

This helps the kid to connect strongly with her parents and develop a strong bond.

Snuggle, cuddle, and kisses

Although all kids are loved and admired by their parents but still, kid’s long for their physical touch.  Kissing, cuddling are few ways to make kids feel special.  Throughout the day there are number of occasions when parents can kiss, cuddle or snuggle their child to express their love, affection and make them feel special.  Parents should also encourage their child by patting them at their back for their good work .

They can always make bed for their child and take them to sleep.  These physical gestures practiced by parents make kids feel loved and important part of their parent’s life.  There is no substitute for these physical gestures.  Therefore; every parent must not leave any opportunity to express their love through these physical gestures.


Make up new story

Kids love to hear stories specially while going to sleep.  Kids also love to hear about their childhood incidences.  So, parents can always make new stories revolving around them or share their kid’s childhood memories with them.  This helps them to connect, feel special and privileged. Venta de Minerales

Involve kids in your work

Kids always love to behave like adults.  This makes them feel like grown ups.  So, parents should involve their kids in small -small household activities.  In accordance with their age, kids can be assigned different tasks.  Like, kids can be asked to lay down the table, arrange their room, involve in cooking without fire, shopping, making shopping list, etc.  Such activity provides an opportunity (both parents and kids) to spend additional time together.  This in return helps to develop better coordination and understanding between the two.

Make Bed time Special

Usually bed times are related with stories but besides bed time story, it is also essential to communicate and share about the entire day.  So, every family must make a point that after brushing their teeth, they directly go to their bed.  They must share their entire day schedules with the other family members including their kids.  By doing so, kids too learn the habit of sharing .Parents must encourage their kid’s to share their feelings and views.  This help to develop strong communication bond between the two.

Behave like a kid

Parents should not behave like mentors all the time.  Punishment or scolding is not the solution for every problem.  Rather to understand their kid, parents must behave and think like a kid.  They should think and react according to their child.  This helps the parents to understand their kids in a better way.

So, depending on the extremity of the situation, parents should behave and think like a kid.  Else, the kids stop sharing and communicating with their parents.  Sometimes, kids are scared of their parents and start hiding things from them.  So, it’s always better to develop friendly relationship with your kids.  This brings them closer to their parents.

Pay attention to your child

Parents may find their kid’s talk too repetitive, or silly.  But still it is important for every parent to pay attention to their child’s talk. Parent’s should leave their work and listen to their kid attentively.  Parents must show interest in their talk and hear them patiently.

By doing so, children feel that they are genuinely liked and loved by their parents and therefore, feel important and special.  Such healthy parenting encourages kids to share their talks with their parents.  This later help parents to keep a control over various their kid’s behavior and other issues.

Use of encouraging words

Kids need continuous motivation .It boosts the self confidence and self esteem of the kids.  It even encourages them to perform better.  Therefore; parents must use encouraging words in their daily conversation with their kids.

Uses of words like well-done, excellent, you are the best, you can do it, mama’s best child, and etc motivates a child and makes her feel loved and special. This even acts as a motivational source to bond them stronger.  Although parents should be generous in praising their kid but at the same time all those praises should be sincere ones.

Every child is unique in their own way.  They have their own set of temperaments, moods, interests, hobbies etc.Such; parents should never compare their children with other siblings or friends.  Rather, they must understand their children behavior and temperament .They must accept them and try to change them gradually.  This helps to develop better understanding and a strong and special bond between the two.

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How To Strengthen Parent And Child Relationship

How To Strengthen Parent And Child Relationship

All parents love their kids but their busy and hectic life gives them no time to spend with their kids.  This makes their kids lonely and dejected.  This fee





How To Strengthen Parent And Child Relationship
How To Strengthen Parent And Child Relationship

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