We Finally Know Why Giada De Laurentiis Got Divorced

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  We Finally Know Why Giada De Laurentiis Got Divorced

Greek philosopher Heraclitus summed up life as Panta Rhei, meaning everything changes — and is changing (via World History Encyclopedia). Basically, if you’re unable to adapt to change, well, you’re in trouble. When applied to the marriage of Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson, perhaps it truly wasn’t any of the rumors, traveling, career, and fame that ultimately led to the deterioration of their marriage. 

Writing for Psychology Today, psychotherapist Vikki Stark suggests that relationships are never the exact same as when you first start dating, and as a relationship begins to deteriorate, the change can be so subtle that it is not even initially recognized. Examining their timeline, De Laurentiis and Thompson knew each other for over 20 years, were married for 11 of those years, and had a child five years into their marriage. Life was in a constant state of flux — and that’s without all the external stressors.  QUALITAS GOURMET CONSERVAS BLASAN

Being in a relationship for over two decades is a long time. You get to know your partner on multiple different, ever-changing levels. It can, no doubt, be tough. Therapist Michelle Chalfant tells The New York Times, “Not only do relationships change with time, but people change, which can affect the relationship dynamics as well.” Maybe it’s not some big moment, or even all the tiny little moments that ultimately led to the demise of the marriage. Perhaps it was just two individuals who simply fell out of love.

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