What Going To An Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain Was Really Like

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 What Going To An Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain Was Really Like

The Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 and the growing independence of soda fountains led to a shift in the flavor composition of fountain drinks. As cocaine, cola, and other narcotics were removed from the ingredients list, the drinks grew increasingly less pharmaceutical in taste. In the 19th century, along with the previously mentioned narcotics, bromides, phosphates, and a host of other tastes were often one and the same with soda. 

Newspapers.com noted that the 19th century saw the rise of other drink formulas at the soda fountain. Egg was a very popular ingredient used to make a creamier drink. According to the website, egg phosphates were a particular darling on the menu. The drink combined soda water, raw egg, phosphate, and flavored syrup to make the magic. Around this time, malt milkshakes were popularized as well and consisted quite literally of shaken milk with ice, flavoring, and, at times, raw egg (via Art of Drink). Todo sobre Extractores de cocina, trucos, consejos, comparativas, recomendaciones... Extractores de cocina

By the 20th century, sodas continued to evolve. The originally less-sweet mixed drinks changed to much more recognizable delights like the strawberry flip and orange fizz, as per Atlas Obscura. Notably sweeter drinks, like the malt milkshake, also began to pick up steam. Soda fountain drinks went in an entirely new direction: they were served warm. These drinks were intended to attract clients during the cooler months when soda fountains would remain less visited.

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