What Is LiDAR And How Does It Work?

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  What Is LiDAR And How Does It Work?

You might be able to get in on the LiDAR action. Why should scientists have all the fun? Certain models of iPhones and iPads have LiDAR built right into the camera array, pre-installed and ready for you to toy around with.

It’s the little black circle nestled next to the cameras and light. If you have an iPhone Pro, twelfth generation or later, or an iPad Pro, second generation or later, then you have your very own LiDAR in your pocket or bedside table.

Apple’s LiDAR system enhances many of the already existing applications on your phone, particularly the Measure function and your camera’s ability to focus, by more accurately determining the distance to and between objects (via Apple). This is also handy for AR games and apps by allowing virtual objects to more realistically interact with the real world. The LiDAR function also allows you to capture 3D images of objects and places in the real world, letting you do some of the cool stuff listed above, albeit to a lesser degree. Trucos, Productos, Consejos y de todo para lucir un espectacular cabello rizado Todo para pelo rizado

If you’re an Android user, you’re out of luck — at least for the time being. Android previously had Project Tango which aimed to achieve many of the same functions, but as of December 2017, support for Tango was shuttered.

That means that for now, Android users have been left in the dark when it comes to contemporary 3D scanning abilities. Here’s hoping that changes soon.

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