What Really Happened To Benjamin Bratt?

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  What Really Happened To Benjamin Bratt?

In 2008, Bratt shared some heartbreaking news with fans. His then-5-year-old daughter, Sophia, had suffered a brain injury during her birth that left her with physical disabilities. Although he didn’t share details about her condition, Bratt did tell People that he hasn’t been working as much as he used to because being on set would mean he “cannot be a great husband and father—especially the father of a child with special needs.”

Bratt admitted that raising Sophia hasn’t always been easy, candidly explaining that he and his wife felt as if they were “in a tunnel of darkness for the first few years of her life, because we didn’t know what to do.” Working with therapists helped, and Sophia now “understands everything, she’s quick to laugh, she’s loving and a physically beautiful child.”  

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