What The Cameras Never Showed You On Pawn Stars

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  What The Cameras Never Showed You On Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison has been doing business since he was 13 years old, as he told David Letterman in 2011. He also shared with Mark Levin on Life, Liberty & Levin that he only went to school through the ninth grade before he dropped out, becoming self-educated by reading books. The pawn shop in Las Vegas was his first official business, and though “Pawn Stars” took that business to another level, he didn’t want to stop there. In 2015, Rick opened Pawn Plaza, a container shopping center adjacent to the pawn shop, though it’s not affiliated with the show. According to Eater Las Vegas, Rick’s Tavern and Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke were two new tenants in the plaza, though it appears by their website that the two businesses have since merged. Programas de TV y datos de series. Guía de episodios, información, reseñas, avances de capitulos, fotos, videos youtube oficial. SeriesLista.com - Programas de TV, Series, Guía de episodios.

In 2014, Rick’s son, Corey Harrison, made an unexpected move and bought into a chain of salons called Beauty Bar, which also has a nightclub inside. He and a friend bought the Las Vegas location, but in 2018, the two jumped ship, which was likely a smart move, given that store would be closed down a year later.

Perhaps less surprising is Austin “Chumlee” Russell’s dive into entrepreneurship. In 2017, along with his brother, Sage Russell, Chumlee opened up a candy shop in Palm Plaza, located next to the pawn shop. He indicated in his intro video that he would be working at the store, which is called Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard.

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