What We Know About Vladimir Putin’s Elite Bodyguards

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  What We Know About Vladimir Putin’s Elite Bodyguards

Given Putin’s awareness and caution concerning assassination attempts, it makes sense that he would want to make sure any sort of food or beverage he ingests is poison-free. In 2012, Gilles Bragard, who founded ​​Club des Chefs des Chefs, an organization that cooks for heads of state, told The Telegraph that at least back then, food tasters were still in use to a degree. “Tasters still exist but only in the Kremlin, where a doctor checks every dish with the chef.”

Conor McGregor claimed that during his 2018 meeting with Putin, a gift he gave the Russian president drew the security team’s attention in this respect. According to Sportskeeda, McGregor gave Putin a bottle of his signature whiskey as a gift, but it was quickly confiscated by bodyguards who wanted to test the bottle for poison.

It has also been alleged that Putin has employed the use of body doubles over the years. According to the New York Post, Putin admitted in a 2020 interview that he had been offered body doubles for trips to Chechnya in the early 2000s, but he had declined the offer.

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