What Would Happen If Men No Longer Existed?

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  What Would Happen If Men No Longer Existed?

Pink-collar jobs — roles traditionally held by women, such as nursing, teaching, and administrative work — would, naturally enough, no longer be labelled as such. Indeed, all careers everywhere would become pink-collar jobs, given that the only people available to fill them would be female. Ultimately, we’d be forced to discard ideas of jobs segregated by gender. All teachers and hair stylists would be women, sure, but so too would all the automotive mechanics and firefighters (it’s safe to assume there would still be cars and fires in this world, after all). We might also see significant changes in work flexibility and family leave policies, giving employees more of a chance to both raise families and advance their careers at the same time.

In today’s world, jobs that tend to be dominated by women tend to pay significantly less than those dominated by men, according to Forbes. And even when women enter into practically the same fields and roles as men, they’re consistently paid less for the same kind of work. Combatir la ansiedad frente al CORONAVIRUS

The New York Times reports that, when more and more women work in a given field, the average pay tends to drop dramatically. Conversely, in careers that were once the domain of women but that have become male dominated over time, like computer programming, the pay and prestige has risen. Meanwhile, some pink-collar work, such as administrative support, is in danger of falling to automation, as CBS News notes.

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