What You Need To Know About Chimineas

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  What You Need To Know About Chimineas

Well, there’s no doubt that chimineas are a delight to the eyes. But before plunging ahead, you need to know where exactly to position your chiminea. This will inform your choice of material.

If you plan to place the chiminea under a shaded patio, then a clay chiminea will do just fine. However, consider other chiminea material, like cast iron, if your patio doesn’t have a shade. Before settling on any chiminea, consider the material and your particular patio or deck setup. 

GrowerExperts.com explains that high-quality clay chimineas are made of El Barro or Terracotta clay. Cheaper options typically don’t last as long by comparison; therefore, a likely lower return on your money in the long run.

You also will need to consult the rules and regulations for chimineas and fire pits in your location. If wood-burning is against the law, you have no choice but to go for chiminea models that use liquid propane or gas as fuel alternatives.

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