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What you need to know about Destination Weddings

Have you often dreamed of that perfect wedding beside the beach or in a faraway castle surrounded by lush gardens? If yes, then it’s time for you to put on your thinking cap and conjure up the prefect destination for the wedding of your choice.

Highly simple and private affairs for the most part, destination weddings are becoming a rage with more people preferring to tie the knot at a faraway destination and with different settings than those at home.

Why?: - Now why would you need a destination wedding? Simple, it just provides the perfect location for the perfect marriage and you don’t need to fuss about finding another place for your honeymoon. Beach destinations are famous for weddings and provide packages that include honeymoon ideas and destinations with the wedding agenda.


In addition to this, you also get to choose a destination that has attractions not available in your hometown. For example, if your hometown is centrally located, then you can opt for a beach destination wedding which would give you ample opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sand, in addition to quality time spent with your partner and guests. Or if you stay on dry land, you can opt for a wintry wedding destination surrounded by mountains and snow.

Cost Effective: – You don’t need to have the pressure of inviting every one of your relatives and friends and even if you do, most of them will not be able to make due to some constraint or the other. Hence, you can be assured of an intimate and peaceful affair with just a few of your closest acquaintances. This may sound a bit cheap but when considering the actual wedding with huge crowds and the ensuing hullabaloo, you will realize the gains of a simple, private, and romantic wedding.

Almost all the wedding destinations in the world provide wedding packages to couples which by far are a lot cheaper than weddings back home. In addition to lodging and food, the packages may also include personalized service, open bars, and various recreational activities like tours and games for the guests.

Free Vacation: – Remember, in addition to getting married, you get to enjoy a smashing vacation. And it’s not just your vacation. It’s also a vacation for everyone who attends the wedding. Hence, you can enjoy some seclusion with your partner in addition to roaming around with friends for the entire duration of your trip and reveling in some fun activities.

Regulations involved:-

If you have decided to go ahead with a destination wedding, then it is time for you to choose the best destination you think would be suitable for the ceremony. But that is easily said than done. For there are a number of factors you need to gauge before you zero in on a place.

Duration Permit:- It all depends on the destination you choose for the wedding. Some destinations allow you to get wedded the day you arrive while others require you to stay there for a couple of days before you can proceed with the wedding. For example: France requires you to stay there a minimum of 42 days before you can tie the knot. Foro ciclismo

Required Proof:- If you decide to marry at a foreign destination, you would need to abide by the rules and regulations of the specific country. Almost all the wedding destinations would require some kind of proof of your citizenship, age (over 18) and your relationship status (single, divorcee or widow). In addition to this, some countries would also require the documents to be officially translated in the native language (non English speaking countries).

Choice of venue within the region:- Some destinations allow weddings to take place only in churches, or the town hall while in other destinations; you can get married anywhere (beaches, hotels, historic places) and even in the most bizarre fashion (underwater, riding on a hot air balloon, on a gondola etc.). However, you would need to convince the local authorities that there wouldn’t be any issues of public nuisance from your end.

Religious Affairs:- If you want a more religious wedding then you need to choose the appropriate destination that caters to the specifications involved in planning the religious details. Almost all the destinations cater to both non religious and religious weddings with the exception of the venue of the marriage which may differ according to the chosen type.

Legalized Marriages:- The wedding rules of some destinations may not be in par with that of your own country. Hence, your marriage stands a high chance of being declared illegal. It is best advised to get a complete picture of the wedding laws and practices of the desired destination before you decide to go ahead and plan the wedding there.

Additional Ceremonies:- In some countries, you get to plan out all the details of a marriage with the help of friends, family and even attendants. The ensuing ceremony does not need to have any additional services attached to it. However, in a country like Italy, the wedding needs to be leaded by a civil ceremony organized by the governing authority. If you choose such a destination, have some time and space in your wedding planner to accommodate the extra services.

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    Wedding Destinations

    Wedding Destinations

    Have you often dreamed of that perfect wedding beside the beach or in a faraway castle surrounded by lush gardens? If yes, then it’s time for you to put on y





    Wedding Destinations
    Wedding Destinations

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