What You Never Knew About Rudy Giuliani

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  What You Never Knew About Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani had two children by his second wife. His son Andrew eventually went to Duke University, where he played on the golf team. Now, according to Golf Digest, the younger Giuliani was not much of a star. He was a “second stringer” at a nationally-renowned program who made the sports headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Andrew was booted off the golf team mostly for bad behavior. Per the lawsuit the younger Giuliani filed in court, he was not a team player and frequently argued with the coaching staff. He threw and broke one golf club, and allegedly drove his car onto a football practice field while the team was training there.

According to Duke, Andrew had done much worse. He had not accidentally thrown the club. He had smashed it in anger against his bag and broken two different ones — not one as the lawsuit alleged. He drove recklessly around the golf course in areas trafficked by families with children, verbally abused his teammates, and even hit a teammate in the face with an apple. Now, Andrew’s high school coaches and teammates were stunned by the accusations, noting that he had always been a disciplined, mature teammate under their supervision. Some Duke acquaintances conceded that he had done some stupid things, but nothing meriting expulsion from the team. Nevertheless, the judge saw it differently and laughed the lawsuit out of court, and the Duke golf program’s decision to ban him stood.

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