Whatever Happened To Gilbert Gottfried?

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  Whatever Happened To Gilbert Gottfried?

There were really two Gilbert Gottfrieds: the comedian and actor, and the character portrayed on TV and in movies by that comedian and actor. The voice he used was an extreme, brash version of an old-school Borscht Belt comedian, and it was very closely identified with the man. That, however, could be a blessing and a curse. Before he started prominently using the voice, such as during his short stint on “Saturday Night Live” in the 1980s, Gottfried didn’t get much mainstream attention. When he did, it became his signature, and got him cast (and still does) in a huge number of acting gigs and voiceover work. 

However, that voice (and the character to which it is attached) are not for everyone, and can be extremely annoying to just as many people who like it. Therein is the paradox for Gilbert Gottfried: he had to do his most famous bit to get work, but if he didn’t do the voice he may not have gotten work, but if he got work with it, he’ll put off non-fans. However, the guy seemed pretty content with his two showbiz niches: touring comedian and in-demand voiceover artist.

He will be greatly missed by his fans, his friends, and his family.

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