Whatever Happened To Steve Urkel From Family Matters?

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  Whatever Happened To Steve Urkel From Family Matters?

In 2010, Jaleel White starred in, wrote, and produced “Fake It Til You Make It,” a web series about a former child star who becomes a mentor to a group of aspiring actors in Hollywood. White told Parade, “It’s basically going to be what ‘Entourage’ should be. ‘Entourage’ celebrates the 5% of our business that fly around in private jets all the time. I don’t really think that’s particularly realistic. I want to do a show about the 95% of this business that are just trying to get a SAG card.”

This isn’t White’s first writing credit. In another interview White said, “I kinda caught the writing bug when I was about 17, and at 18 started writing on the show,” referring to the two episodes of “Family Matters” he wrote back in the ’90s. He continued with this interest while attending UCLA for film and television, saying, “When I graduated, I sold screenplays to everybody from Imagine Entertainment to Disney to PBS.” Although judging from White’s IMDb, it looks like none of these screenplays have made it into production yet. Pueblos fantasma: La abadía de Mortemer. Lugares fantasma

White sounds like he’s interested in wearing many hats in the entertainment industry. He told Entertainment Weekly, “When you watch ‘Fake It Til You Make It,’ you’re going to get a chance to see me the producer, me the writer. I wrote every episode. This isn’t me again getting other people to do my work for me. That’s the thing in comedy, you want to ultimately have a voice.”

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