Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hilary Swank Anymore

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  Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hilary Swank Anymore

Like more and more big screen stars are doing these days, Swank attempted a pivot to prestige television. In 2014, she was cast in the Starz drama “The One Percent,” a highly buzzed project from acclaimed “Birdman” director, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Although as of this writing, the show still hasn’t happened and appears to be in a bit of development limbo, according to Deadline.

Meanwhile, Swank had a very small part in “Logan Lucky,” a well-received, big cast flick from noted director Steven Soderbergh, and she is set to appear in the FX limited series, “Trust,” which was helmed by another Oscar-winning director, Danny Boyle. The latter experience was revelatory for Swank, who told Variety in January 2018, “The beauty of television is everything gets revealed as you go. There’s such beauty in that it is so human. It’s so hard to tell a story in two hours. I’m coming to recognize that.”  Shape of you, Ed Sheeran, flauta fácil, tutorial con animación,

In other words: Swank seems to be reconnecting with the who’s who of Hollywood, even if it’s taken her several years to realize that the future of entertainment is no longer limited to the big screen. To that end, according to Deadline, Swank will star in “Alaska Daily,” an hourlong drama ordered to series by ABC for its fall 2022 primetime lineup. Swank will portray a discredited New York reporter who seeks personal and professional redemption by moving to Anchorage, Alaska, and joining the staff of its major newspaper.

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