Why You Rarely Hear About Jack Nicholson Nowadays

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  Why You Rarely Hear About Jack Nicholson Nowadays

In February 2017, Variety reported that Jack Nicholson would star in the English-language adaptation of the 2016 German film “Toni Erdmann.” The original movie followed a dad trying to reconnect with his daughter, per the outlet. Coincidentally, Bill Murray had also been interested in the lead role, after Nicholson failed to express interest in “How Do You Know” and he had taken the lead role in “St. Vincent” after Nicholson turned it down, per IMDb.

When the news of the movie broke, Kristen Wiig was announced as set to star in the role of Nicholson’s character’s daughter. Paramount Pictures held the remake rights, with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Wiig among its producers. It was later announced that writing-directing duo Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner were also attached to the project, according to The Film Stage. Voulez Vous Dîner te invita a cenar en una auténtica casa parisina

Alas, 18 months after the remake was announced, Nicholson had dropped the role for unknown reasons. Ferrell, McKay, and Wiig remained attached to the movie, while Dunham and Konner had also jumped ship. According to IMDb, the “Toni Erdmann” remake remains “in development” as of 2021.

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