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If you have young kids in the family, planning a holiday is often confusing. One tends to get stuck for options. Finding a destination that would keep them occupied for hours on end, minus the complaining and the fighting may be a tough task. But it has a very simple solution and it’s called an amusement park.

Amusement parks all over the world have the same motive and that is providing hour after hour of fun and frolic. There is no dearth of parks, no matter what country you are visiting. An amusement park can keep both you and your family actively busy through the day. If your holiday is exclusively for the children, it would be a good idea to book yourselves in the park hotel. This would give you more time to explore and enjoy the park. However, one must remember that there are different kinds of amusement parks – some for younger children and some for teens and adults. The latter tend to have rides that are more risky. It would be wise to pick your destination keeping in mind the age of your children.


Merged Concepts

Amongst the most popular parks in the world is the Busch Gardens. The Gardens have two parks: one in Florida and the other in Virginia. The factor that sets these parks apart from the others is that it skilfully combines rides with natural flora and fauna. These parks have included the concept of natural sanctuary within that of an amusement park. Here, you will be able to encounter wildlife like rhinos, elephants, antelopes, etc. You can take a ride here through the wildlife area that is akin to a safari.

The other aspect of these parks is the rides. The ones here are known to be especially intimidating. Some of the popular ones are the rollercoasters, with a speed that touches 100 mph. The roller coasters have several turns and twists that leave the rider gasping. As far as the theme of the park is concerned, it is divided into nine small hamlets and each has their own distinct spirit. For example, one is fashioned after an English town, while the other is modelled after the Italian way of life.

Lego Heaven

Another chain of parks is the Legoland. There are four such parks in the world presently, in Denmark, Germany, England, and California. As the name suggests, the entire park is made of Lego blocks. There are models of all kinds of popular landmarks like the White House and sights like the New York City Skyline, so on and so forth. It is a wonder in creativity.

While you are strolling through these Lego blocks wonders, you can also indulge in some rides which also appear to be made of Lego blocks, but aren’t. These parks also comprise a safari trip where you can spot animals like zebras and lions. There is also a clubhouse where children can get together and create structures out of Legos. The entire spirit of the park caters to a younger crowd. While there are as many as fifty different types of rides, they are not as treacherous as the ones in other parks. They are much safer and entail more fun than thrills. Calefactor electrico

Asian Wonders

One the best parks in Asia is the Everland in South Korea. Though it started with humble beginnings, it is now the fifth most visited amusement park in the world and beats many others. Everland is not one but three parks in one, each with a different principle: the Caribbean Bay, the Festival World, and the Speedway. The Caribbean Bay caters to water sports and rides while the Festival World displays different types of festivals that happen in the country.

The Speedway involves racing games. Overall, this park endorses forty themes, apart from a zoo. Everland is a pioneer of sorts for having the first wooden rollercoaster in all of South Korea. And this ride was also the steepest. The park has five sections: Global Fair, that is a place from where you can buy souvenirs; European Adventure, that has been designed like a set of European gardens and also has European style eateries; Zoo-topia, this is the zoo section of the park; American Adventure, where rides are based on American themes like the Wild West; and finally, Magic Land which true to its name has characters and buildings inspired from magical fables.

Comic City

If cartoon characters amuse you, then you could try the Parc Asterix in France. Based on the famous and well-loved comic character called Asterix, this amusement park indulges primarily in Roman and Greek cultures. The rides here are inspired by these two civilizations and are fashioned after historical anecdotes from both the countries. Fantastical names have been created for the rides like Caesar’s Spies, Flight of Icarus, Goudorix, Oxygenarium, etc.

Asterix has a mansion named the Transdemonium, which is created as a haunted house with several sophisticated effects. Apart from these various rollercoaster and water rides, the Asterix plays shows based on the story of the Three Musketeers and one called ‘The Theft of Mona Lisa.’ If you want to stay over, the park also houses a hotel called ‘The Three Owls’ along with six restaurants that possess every kind of cuisine. The park has a whopping forty candy stores.

Nostalgia Galore

Anyone growing up in the 1990’s will be familiar with the name of Sesame Street. This puppet show captured the imagination of thousands of young children all over the world. The Sesame Street reincarnates itself as Sesame Place at Pennsylvania. The adored characters of the Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie are all here, only in larger proportions. This is the only park in the world with this theme and is essentially meant for young children.

The Furry Arms Hotel, Oscar’s trash bin, and Mr. Hooper’s store all make an appearance here. All the rides here are created with the theme in mind. They range from roller coasters to water slides. The Sesame Studio Science makes education fun and can keep the kids busy with experiments. Among other features are the ‘Elmo World Live Show’ and the ‘Rock Around the Block Parade’ which features music.

Best Amusement Parks In The World

Best Amusement Parks In The World

If you have young kids in the family, planning a holiday is often confusing. One tends to get stuck for options. Finding a destination that would keep them occ





Best Amusement Parks In The World
Best Amusement Parks In The World

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