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If you want to treat your children to a one of a kind holiday, take them to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Newly opened on the grounds of the massive studio, is the world famous Blue Man Group Show. Already present in cities like Chicago, Las Vegas and New York, the recent addition in Orlando proves the popularity of the group with people.

Founded by three blue men, the group strives to provide what visitors want the most, spectacular entertainment. And the group does this to perfection with uniquely designed shows that capture the imagination of all ages and have visitors glued to their seats for the entire duration of the show which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.


About the Venue : The venue for the Blue Man Group show boasts of offering individual seating arrangements with a comfortable atmosphere for each one of the seats. The venue is equipped with state of the art technical gadgets that provide ample support for the comedy, music and multimedia shows that the group performs.

About the Shows: Those who have already seen the Blue man Group Shows can only describe the experience as being wacky, witty and wonderful. These shows have an enriched mixture of lights, colors, music, theatrics, commentaries and humor combined with deeper social messages that leave even the hardest to please spectators glued to their seats.

The atmosphere inside the venue is electric and intensifying. With no idea of what is going to happen next, spectators find themselves drawn into the world of live entertainment with regular surprises.

To the delight of the children, the Blue Men often venture into the audience and interact with the spectators in addition to inviting them on stage to take part in the celebrations.

Need to Know Facts: Here are a few facts you probably need to know about the Blue Man Group Show before buying tickets for the program. The show is suitable adults, teen, pre teens and kids aged 5 and above. Toddlers and infants are not allowed as the atmosphere inside the theater can be very noisy. The loud sounds may frighten the little ones. Aprender a programar con ejemplos

Due to long rushes at the ticket counter, guests can book tickets either online or by calling the number 8009276157. Guests with disabilities will have special seating arrangements within the theater and can specify their request at the time of booking the tickets. Make note that these tickets do not stop with the show and offer you free access to various other attractions nearby which include select places in CityWalk attraction housed within Universal Studios itself.

The Blue School: The Blue Men Group has also started its own school in lower Manhattan which strives to bring out the creative side of the students. Following a completely unique approach to the methods of teaching, the school incorporates the creativity, courage, empathy and authenticity of individuals to realize the long term goal of success through harmony.

Every child’s values are given importance to in the Blue School and teachers and students work together in a joyous atmosphere to create a blissful educational community that dishes out successful individuals.

Other areas: Blue Man Group has recently joined hands with ToyQuest to develop toys based on their percussion tubes and experiences on the keyboard.

In addition to this, the group has also showed keen interest in other areas like live tours, TV scoring, appearances in popular television programs, museum exhibits and campaigns for commercial causes.

The Blue Man Group Show has got to be in your list of must visit attractions if you visit Orlando; and once you have seen the show, you will leave a satisfied customer, waiting to get back in line for the next performance.


The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group

If you want to treat your children to a one of a kind holiday, take them to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Newly opened on the grounds of the massive s





The Blue Man Group
The Blue Man Group

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