Top Traveling Attractions In Gold Coast




Gold Coast is one of the ideal getaways whether it is for people staying within the continent of Australia or any tourist who is making a visit from any part of the globe.

This is one place that has countless sightseeing, scenic and entertainment options for the visitors. Gold Coast is beautifully situated in the region of Queensland and calls for millions of tourists every year. Natural landscapes and beaches are other star attractions of the place.

Along with these you get dual benefits at Gold Coast in the form of theme parks, fine restaurants and high end shopping malls. It is almost next to impossible to experience everything that Gold Coast has to offer you with!

However, to extract unlimited benefits while holidaying in the destination it is very important to short list the places you plan to visit. This will solely depend upon your taste and interest. One thing that you will require to make decisions faster is a travel itinerary that lists down all the major attractions of the place.


This will not only help you save a lot of time and energy but also help you maintain your budget.  Here is the list that mentions the most significant hotspots of Gold Coast. Choose and plan intelligently without wasting any time from your travel guide.

Must See Places In Gold Coast


One of the best theme parks not only in the region of Gold Coast but also in the continent of Australia is called the DreamWorld. The place is a complete entertainment package not only for couples but also for those traveling with family.

It is a hub for the most exciting and thrilling rides that might even give you goose bumps! The tallest and the largest ride in the world is the one from DreamWorld itself and are known as the Tower of Terror.

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Along with this the place is divided into sub categories that will give you a gratifying experience. Each place within the theme park is one of its kinds.

From The Australian Wildlife Experience to the Tiger Island and Wiggles World to Nickelodeon Central, don’t miss out on any of them, if you are looking for a lifetime memory. Some other breathtaking activities that you can enjoy here are surfing, body boarding and skate boarding.

Australian Outback Spectacular 2

One of the other attractions that you can’t afford to miss when in Gold Coast is the Australian Outback Spectacular 2 show. Along with a unique showcase you can get your hands on fine dining options and a three course meal along with drinks.

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New and exciting scenes are added to the show from time to time to make it a completely different experience for the tourists!


Infinity is one of those places that Gold Coast is proud to have! The wonders and spectacular mazes of the place are some of the features that will take you off your feet! The entire area of Infinity is divided into smaller sections and each one has a specialty of its own. From the Star Chamber to the Wobbly and the Electron Maze to Inter-Dimensional Space, everything is just out of the world here! The Mystery Zone is another area where you can spend some quality time and have loads of fun whether you are alone or with children. Mejores tendederos


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It is one of those destinations that will suit to the entertainment of all age groups.  Another added benefit is that it won’t take much of your time and you can get a perfect tour of the place within an hour’s time. It is open every day of the week for the advantage of the tourists. An image can also be clicked here as a souvenir of the place.

Australian Wildlife Experience

Situated in the heart of DreamWorld, Australian Wildlife Experience is known for its enriched and rare species of wildlife. The place is a home for hundreds of animals including exotic ones like kangaroos and koalas.

Bird watching is another activity you can easily carry out here. Some other wildlife attractions here include wombats and crocodiles. Make sure you include this destination in your itinerary if you are an animal lover!

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

This is one getaway that doesn’t need an introduction. Not only it is well renowned in the continent of Australia but also has various branches all around the globe. There are innumerable galleries here that exhibit rare and mysterious artifacts and illusions. Along with exciting displays you can also get your hands on a movie showcased here at Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

It will only take you a couple of hours to get a gratifying experience of this place. Don’t miss out on the Egyptian style rare artifacts here! You will require a ticket to enter the place but it will definitely be worth every penny you spend.


If you are looking for a panoramic and a 360 degree view of the entire Gold Coast, then make a small visit to SkyPoint. Along with a huge observation deck, the place is known for a mini theater and food and dines in options.

Whitewater World

A water theme park, Whitewater World has innumerable rides and water based roller coasters for the fun of their visitors. This place is a complete family package and is situated just next to DreamWorld. So make a short trip to this destination as well.

Conrad Jupiter’s Casino

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If you are one person who loves gambling, then Conrad Jupiter’s Casino is a new form of adventure for you. Along with various poker tables, the casino also provides you with hundreds of slot machines all under the same roof.

King Tutts Putt Putt

If you want to spend some quality time with family or alone, King Tutts Putt Putt is one of the ideal places. The adventure activity it provides is definitely different. It has three golf courses all in all including the indoor as well as the outdoor ones. The tracks are of different styles.

One of the most famous ones is the Egyptian style with mummies and Cleopatra statue. Group bookings are also available if you are looking for some healthy competition with friends!

These are some of the adventurous attractions in the region of Gold Coast along with many other that you can consider depending upon the time you are left with in hand.

Top Traveling Attractions In Gold Coast

Top Traveling Attractions In Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the ideal getaways whether it is for people staying within the continent of Australia or any tourist who is making a visit from any part o





Top Traveling Attractions In Gold Coast
Top Traveling Attractions In Gold Coast

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