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Being a parent of a healthy child is a dream of every couple. We all want our child to cross mile stones of his or her life. But what if this dream turns into nightmare and after two years you find your child autistic. Well with faith in God and in today’s medical awareness we can fight with the problem called autism.

Most of the parents are not even clear with the fact of autism. They do not know which way they should move on. But the thing which parent of autistic child should bear in mind that with little bit of more endeavor and love your child will be able to face world.

Let’s get our self clear with the meaning of autism.


Autism is a disorder which can come out in first three years of child’s life. Autism is the result of a neurological disorder that effect performance of brain and effects communication and common interaction skill. It basically distress three areas of child’s development.

Social, behavior and language. Autistic child is not able to communicate properly even though, they are not able to give proper eye contact while interacting with others. Most of the times they are not even able to express themselves. Autistic kid’s senses are also affected.

Do not find yourself unaided in this path, as many children are found autistic. This is the most common development disorder found in children. Investigation shows that most of the autistic children are boys. You can find autistic child all over the world.


Autism is a considered as wide spectrum disorder. As symptoms of autism vary significantly. Two children with the same analysis of autism may respond in different way and have clearly different abilities. Autistic child looks like any normal child.

But his or her activities you can make out the difference. Parents if aware of word autism can make out the symptoms at early stage. An autistic child can have high IQ. But at same time they can have difficulty in communication and making friends.

Autism effects differently in every child. Here are the lists of some symptoms which can indicate parents about autism. An autistic child does not respond to his or her name. Many times parents get false impression that child is deaf. Due to delay in language they face complexity in conveying there desires. In this case they generally feel agitated.

At time of toddler they do not jabber. Even though many autistic children start walking very late. An autistic child will not give an eye contact. Many autistic children are noise sensitive. Many of autistic children are texture sensitive also. Like they do not like to wear specific type of clothes or they do not enjoy eating certain things with different textures. An autistic child never likes to answer your questions.

They do not make friends with that ease. They prefer to be alone with their toys and books.In many cases it has been noticed that autistic child throws extreme tantrums. Many autistic children love toys with some motion. Like moving train, moving airplane. Autistic children does not do pretend play.


An autistic child will keep on changing her or his activities very fast. Normal child always develop in all areas at regular pace. But an autistic child will not show this consistency in his or her development. Their cognitive skills may develop faster than language or social skills or vice a versa. They may not be able to jump from a height but may be able to solve quiz in fraction of seconds. Recetas faciles y rápidas

Fact about Autism

Many of us are surrounded by so many delusions about autism, due to which we are not able to focus on areas of expansion in autistic child where we should. The biggest delusion about autism is that an autistic child will not be able to speak in her or his life time. But this is not true to certain extend. An autistic child speaks but little late as compare to normal child. You can find talking to yourself while interacting with an autistic child.

Many parents think that their autistic child will not be able to go to proper school like other children. Research shows that many autistic children enjoy regular school with their friends. The only difference which comes in their way is that they need more care and attention than other children. Do not make an impression that autistic child doesn’t have feeling. They do have feelings like us but they can not express them.

Usually when family finds an autistic child in their family, they start blaming mother for the child’s condition. But it is very important to know that autism is not caused due to gloomy environment at home or mental stress during pregnancy or if both parents are working and not able to spend nice hours with their child or by imbalance diet or due to depression during pregnancy. A mother or father can not cause autism in child. Autism comes naturally from birth. It will be wrong to blame one person for autism in child.

Some activities for autistic children

Parenting of autistic child becomes little different from regular parenting. Deciding about the activities which can help them to develop is very important. Parents should involve their child in only those activities in which they enjoy. Parents should balance their activities in such a way that they can enjoy both indoor as well as outdoor activities in a day. Activities should be inclined towards learning or some basic values.

Autistic children can be benefited a lot from music. Repeating notes or even humming them, exploring different musical instruments like tambourine, drum or even key board can help them a lot for their sensational development. Even mimicking each others notes are also enjoyed by them. Playing with big blocks or legos also help autistic child with eye and hand coordination. Parents should introduced lots of challenges to autistic child. This will help them to develop their thinking power and they will be able to use their skills in proper way.

Colors are other way of expressing them selves. With drawing or even with colors they can express themselves nicely. In this way the level of frustration in them is also reduced. Reading in another important way of their development. Parents should read a book to them and also try to find out what they think about the characters in the story. This will help them to bring out their expressions. For outdoor activities parents should go back to their childhood and try to introduce all the basic plays which they have enjoyed. Besides this baseball or golf, skipping, swimming, basket ball, making castles etc should be introduced to them.

Whiling arranging outdoor activities make sure that they are conducted under proper supervision. Be patient with autistic child, wait for their response, their liking and disliking. Do not force your preferences on them. This will suppress their expressions even more. Parents of autistic child should be more cautious and loving towards them. Parents should be ready to work more with their child as contrast to regular child. Autistic children look forward for your love and motivation like other normal kids, to face this world.

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How To Deal With An Autistic Child

How To Deal With An Autistic Child

Being a parent of a healthy child is a dream of every couple. We all want our child to cross mile stones of his or her life. But what if this dream turns into





How To Deal With An Autistic Child
How To Deal With An Autistic Child

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