The Best Cities To Live In The World




Agreed that every city in this world is beautiful in its own sweet way! However, there are some that stand out in stark contrast with others and seemingly captivate you the moment you set eyes on them.

So if you have an eye for cities and places that can potentially take your breath away, here are some of the most beautiful cities in the world that people would give anything to live in.

Note: As many cities like Venice, Cape Town, San Francisco, Oxford, Edinburgh and Sydney are already on the list, we would prefer to explore some of the not so popular cities that are still considered breathtakingly beautiful.

Best Cities To Live In The World


Hanoi, Vietnam

Get transported to a different world altogether in this extremely beautiful city that is interlaced with several lakes. Filled to the core with everything from ancient houses, ornate palaces, historical monuments, and wondrous pagodas to elegant villas and modernised buildings, this city contains a piece of every civilisation that has lived here for the past 100 years.

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Exploring the narrow wooded lanes of the city is a pleasure that is made more enjoyable with the numerous cyclos (bike taxis) that throng the streets.

Florence, Italy

We all know about the beauty of the city of Venice in Italy. But not many have heard of the sheer spectacle that awaits them in the historical city of Florence in the same country.

Breathtakingly beautiful, Florence is an art lover’s paradise and is filled with impressive museums from one end of the city to the other.

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Places not be missed out during a visit include the Duomo, the Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Campanile, not to forget the sheer number of museums and galleries that dot the roads at frequent intervals.

Bruges, Europe

At first glance, the city of Bruges would give you the idea of an erected film set that was left standing after the movie was completed. The city played the backdrop to the movie ‘In Bruges’ and is simply wondrous to behold.

Roaming around the city on boats that cruise through the canal would let you enjoy a bird’s eye view of some of the most important attractions the place has to offer. These include several magnificent palaces, century old houses and picturesque squares. And visiting the Grote Markt is considered absolutely essential when you visit Bruges. Todo para pelo rizado

Ushuaia, Argentina

Deemed as the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is the capital city of the Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina. Surrounded by vast snow capped mountains on one end and the crystal clear waters of the Beagle Channel on the other, Ushuaia is the perfect blend of natural and manmade wonders.

And although the streets of the city may not be the most beautiful in the world, they project a sense of wonder that almost makes you feel as if you are in an other-worldly destination.

Cartagena, Columbia

Formerly one of the most important ports in the country, the impressive city of Cartagena resembles a fortress characterised by huge walls on all sides that protect the beautiful town inside.

These walls were once used to keep out enemies and pirates. Today, they seem to act as blankets that hide the city’s splendour from the rest of the world.

And rightly so, the old town is filled with narrow cobblestoned streets and alleys that are lined with picturesque houses covered with bougainvillea. If the houses don’t seem to draw your attention, the road side cafes, plazas and courtyards would most definitely do, and act as excellent spots for hanging out and checking the locals.

Quito, Eucador

Surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, the city of Quito in Eucador is beautiful blend of Spanish and South American cultures. Housing the oldest cathedral in South America, the city is also famous for the extremely beautiful Monastery of San Francisco and the Spanish style colonial houses that can be seen lining La Ronda at regular intervals.

Istanbul, Turkey

Considered as one of the most exotic cities in the entire world, Istanbul is a quintessential blend of history and mystery that attract visitors from around the world.

In addition to cruising along the Bosphorus which divides the city into two halves, visitors have plenty of historical monuments to check out. These include the magnificent Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and several ornate water front palaces.

The Best Cities To Live In The World

The Best Cities To Live In The World

Agreed that every city in this world is beautiful in its own sweet way! However, there are some that stand out in stark contrast with others and seemingly capt





The Best Cities To Live In The World
The Best Cities To Live In The World

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