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Located in South Western England, Devon County is sometimes called Devonshire and houses a part of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along the East Devon Coast and Dorset. Devon is also considered to be the third largest county in this part of England and houses the Braunton Burrows UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

But if you think that is what Devon is all about then you are mistaken. For this picturesque county in England offers visitors much more in terms of beautiful beaches, animal sanctuaries, environmental parks, zoos and art/crafts galleries etc.

So if you are visiting Devon and need to find out the best places to visit, here are the top attractions you can try out.


Devon Beaches

Devon is home to some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in England. Not to mention some of the country’s safest beaches as well. The county has more than its share of beaches you can check out. But here are the best picks out of the lot.

Woolacombe Beach

Awarded the ‘Best British Beach’ by the Mail On Sunday, the ‘Blue Flag Award’, the ‘Premier Seaside Beach Award’ and the ‘England for Excellence Gold Award’, the Woolacombe Beach is a hit with locals and tourists alike and is located between Baggy Points and Morte Point in Devon.

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The beach is known all over England for its cleanliness, hygiene and quality facilities. Stretching for over 3 miles, the beach is filled with fine, golden sand and is flanked by plenty of restaurants, hotels and pubs.

Tunnels Beach

Dating back to the early 1820s’, the Tunnels Beach is home to four fascinating hand carved tunnels that speak volumes about the region’s historic significance. Located in the otherwise silent seaside tourist resort of Ilfracombe, the Tunnels Beach offer guided tours for visitors through the tunnels in addition to housing small tidal pools and rock pools (voted as the ‘3rd Best Beach for Rock Pooling in the UK’) for families to relax  in.

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Devon Animal Sanctuaries And Environmental Parks

If you love the environment and everything that has to do with it, then here are the top spots in Devon that you would need to visit in order to enjoy the same. Aprender a programar con ejemplos

Devon Donkey Sanctury

Located in Sidmouth, Devon, the Donkey Sanctuary was established way back in 1969 and is dedicated to taking care of donkeys around the world. Operating branches in Ehiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Mexico and India, the Donkey Sanctuary is considered to be one of the biggest charitable organizations in the world and offers free education and veterinary clinics (including veterinary doctors and supplies) for donkey owners residing in these regions.

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Exmoor Zoo

A visit to Devon would never be complete without visiting this one of a kind zoo. Constantly changing since its inception, the Exmoor Zoo is located in North Devon Valley and is an interactive zoo that does not resemble your normal city zoos or wildlife parks.

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The zoo is located right beside the Exmoor National Park and is one of the most personal friendly parks in the region. The zoo houses a wide variety of animals, most of who have been born and brought up here itself. These include animals like blackbucks, cheetahs, sitatunas and maned wolves etc.

The zoo offers several fun filled activities for the entire family including zoo trails, encounter sessions, special zoo days, zoo keeper for a day events and birthday parties etc.

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

Located in Paignton, the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park houses a wildlife zoo and a botanical garden and enjoys nearly a million visitors annually. The park houses over 1600 varieties of flora and fauna, and is home to nearly 300 different species of animals. In addition to this, the zoo also doubles as a charity based educational and scientific research center aimed at improving the breeding and living conditions of endangered plants and animals.

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Devon’s Scenic Paignton And Dartsmouth Steam Railway

Hop onto the Paignton and Dartsmouth Steam Railway Train and enjoy a fascinating train ride along the stunning Torbay Coast all the way to Churston, a journey that would take you through 7 miles of spectacular sceneries that include wonderful seascapes, sparkling rivers, quaint little coastal towns and villages and loads of historic monuments.

Tourist Attractions in Devon

Tourist Attractions in Devon

Located in South Western England, Devon County is sometimes called Devonshire and houses a part of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along the E





Tourist Attractions in Devon
Tourist Attractions in Devon

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