4 Steps To Trace Baby Growth Inside Womb




Motherhood is the desire of every woman. It is the happiest phase when women expect to be mothers. It is the time when their womb becomes the shelter for a yet to be born baby. This phase brings about happiness to the woman as well as her family, well wishers and near and dear ones.

The mother knows that she would have to pass through the most painful circle of their life, from the stages of carrying the baby to the excruciating delivery pain to the final baby birth, which will bring about physical and mental sufferings. Yet she remains happy thinking how joyful it will be when she sees her baby at the end of all her sufferings. Thus, how critical may be the pregnancy, how dire may be the physical conditions of the woman, what remains as the essential factor of consideration is the would-be-born baby and its health.


One thing that is most risky during the time of pregnancy is miscarriage. It is the saddest and the most disheartening situation that a woman has to pass when the baby within the womb dies after maturing enough to be delivered, or much before it is matured at all, that, is in its fetus stage.

There are several factors that are responsible for the occurrences of miscarriages. What is most traumatizing to know is that there are some women who have miscarriages once in their life time. But some of the most unfortunate ones are surrounded by repeated occurrences of such a disappointing incident.

Therefore, everyday, they remain alert whether the baby inside the womb is progressing and showing growths or has died. But, it is always not possible to rush to the doctor everyday to know if the baby in the womb is breathing or has expired. So, some of these easy to understand steps at home will help such mothers to understand if the baby inside their womb is breathing.

Step 1

One of the most vital ways to understand if the baby inside your womb is growing is to see if your belly is enlarging. The uterus is elastic in structure. As the fetus grows into a baby and the baby grows further, it expands in size to accommodate the baby. Hence, as the uterus grows, the baby bump will also grow eventually.

This is the healthy indication that the baby is healthy and fit inside. So, your work will be to measure the diameter of your belly at fixed intervals of say, about a week. Never forget to follow it regularly. Plot the changes you see in the measurements daily. If it is increasing, be happy that everything is fine. But if it stops showing any increase in size, then you must not waste further time and report to your gynecologist.

Step 2

During the time of pregnancy, the mother is the custodian of her body as well as the growing baby inside her. So, everything she does gets reflected in the change in the baby too. For instance, if the mother is addicted to alcohol or smoking, it will show negative changes in the baby’s growth. Similarly, if the mother eats nutritious food and follows a healthy lifestyle, that will be a boon to the health of the baby within her womb. Todo Prestamos y Finanzas en tiempos de crisis

From this inference we can draw a conclusion that, when the expecting mother, who is carrying a baby inside her, experiences increase in weight, that is a positive sign. As the baby grows inside her, the total weight of the mother increases altogether, since the baby is sheltered within her womb. Therefore, it is another vital self assessment to have a track on the progress of growth of the baby.

Take your body weight on regular basis and keep a record of that. But, in the process, remember that this increase in body weight must be gradual and not sudden. If there is a sudden weight gain or weight loss, you must report that to your doctor. A healthy weight gain is when you gain just a few pounds during your first trimester and after that it gets increases gradually at a rate of about approximately four pounds per month, till you deliver the baby.

Step 3

The most characteristic symptom that will let you know that you are about to be a mother and your baby is growing inside your body is the child’s movement. It is one of the most common and easily traceable tests that women carry out to know that the baby is alive. But, for the kid to be active in that sense, it takes about twenty weeks of time.

After this phase the mothers can very well experience different movements inside the abdomen. Sometimes, these movements are vigorous while sometimes these are gentle and once in a while. Actually your baby is kicking and taking turns inside your womb, letting you feel its presence and expressing to you that it wants to come out.

This third and the most prominent method, signals at the healthy growth of the baby inside your womb. But, even after this twenty weeks duration, if you fail to note any movement of the baby inside you belly, then, I am afraid, something is wrong and you must better watch out.

Step 4

Pregnancy is the time you will cease you have periods. This is because the ovum that a woman develops inside her ovary gets fertilized and matures as a fetus, which finally goes to the uterus to grow into a child. Therefore, the ovum does not get any opportunity to flow away with blood, remaining unfertilized. So, be alert to see that during the nine whole months you are pregnant, there should not be any bleeding at all.

When a carrying mother does not bleed during her pregnancy, it signals that the baby is growing healthily inside her womb. But, in case if there is the slightest of blood flow, report it immediately to your doctor.

Miscarriage is always associated with mild to severe bleeding. Through the bleeding, the baby, who is in the unborn fetus stage, flows out of the body. Similarly, in case of a matured baby inside the womb, bleeding points out that the neonate is dead. This is one of the surer tests at home that indicates that the baby is aborted.

4 Steps To Trace Baby Growth Inside Womb

4 Steps To Trace Baby Growth Inside Womb

Motherhood is the desire of every woman. It is the happiest phase when women expect to be mothers. It is the time when their womb becomes the shelter for a yet






4 Steps To Trace Baby Growth Inside Womb
4 Steps To Trace Baby Growth Inside Womb

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