‘World’s first human cyborg’ Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan dead

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 ‘World’s first human cyborg’ Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan dead

An English scientist known as the world’s first human cyborg has died at 64.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan made headlines in 2020 as the subject of the documentary “Peter: The Human Cyborg.”

The film followed the ground-breaking scientist’s journey as he refused to accept his terminal diagnosis and worked to become fully robotic to extend his life after he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease — the same condition that afflicted Stephen Hawking.

Scott-Morgan, who had a Ph.D. in robotics, developed an incredibly life-like avatar to smile and express his emotions as his face muscles failed, had a voice box fitted with his own recorded speech, used eye-tracking technology to operate computers and used a wheelchair that allowed him to stand and lie flat.

He also used a catheter and colostomy bag to use the toilet and had his larynx removed so saliva did not flood his lungs.

Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan's AI avatarThe scientist, who had a Ph.D. in robotics, created a lifelike AI avatar and a whole set of advanced technology to extend his life beyond the two years doctors gave him to live. Facebook/Peter Scott-Morgan

His family announced the heartbreaking news of his death Tuesday on Twitter.

“To Peter’s amazing rebel supporters: With a broken heart, I’m letting you all know that Peter passed peacefully surrounded by his family, and those closest to him. He was incredibly proud of all of you who supported him, and his vision of changing the way people see disability.”

Supporters from around the world have flooded social media expressing their condolences and respect for the brave scientist.

“We’re saddened to hear that our former trustee Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, has died. Peter inspired the MND Technology Think Tank and helped raise awareness via his Channel 4 documentary ‘Peter: The Human Cyborg.’ Our thoughts are with Peter’s husband, Francis, his family and friends” the official MND Association tweeted.

Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan's doctor's preparing him for surgeryScott-Morgan underwent several surgeries to postpone his death and rely on technology to run his body. Facebook/Peter Scott-Morgan

Scott-Morgan fully completed his transition into the world’s first human cyborg, called Peter 2.0, in 2019. He and his husband went on to lobby for more funding and changes to health care guidelines on a national level until his death, which was delayed five years thanks to his technological advancements. Todas las Noticias, Imagenes, Eventos, Articulos, Juegos y toda la informacion sobre el universo de Captain Tsubasa en castellano. Captain Tsubasa Spain

Scott-Morgan was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a debilitating MND that leads to loss of muscle movement. Doctors informed him that he was only expected to live two years, but the brilliant scientist was determined to use his knowledge to fight for his life and others’ with disabilities.

“I wanted to reinvent for everyone what it means to be trapped in your own body,” the scientist said.

“This isn’t just about MND. It’s about any disability, whether from accident, disease, genetics, or even simply old age, even dementia. But ultimately, it’s about everyone on Earth breaking free.”

“I’m lucky enough to be a prototype, and neo-human, an early experiment in how humanity can make a huge leap into our future,” he said.

Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan at a speaking eventHis family announced the brilliant scientist passed away Tuesday surrounded by loved ones. Facebook/Peter Scott-Morgan

Peter’s ultimate goal was to help revolutionize what it means to be human.

“At the moment, we are unable to evolve. Meanwhile, AI and robotics are accelerating ahead. I want us to jump aboard while we still can,” he said.

“We are at the early dawn of escaping the fear of becoming infirm, of being powerless, of feeling trapped in an inadequate body. Everyone on the planet, even in the poorest communities, will work closely with AI, but some of us will go far further and actually merge with AI to extend what being human means.”

“And neo-humans, part biology, part AI, using our infinitely flexible reality to be whoever or whatever we choose to be. This is not the far future, it is a few decades away.”

During the scientist’s transformation to become the world’s first cyborg, his husband said he could love the AI as his husband himself.

The brilliant scientist and his longtime partner became the first English couple to be joined in a civil partnership in a grand ceremony in 2005. Nearly nine years later, the couple was chosen as the first in Devon to sign a legal document converting their partnership to a marriage.

“If you love somebody for over 40 years, as I’ve done and that person dies, your love for them doesn’t die with him,” Francis said.

“So I will still have that love in my heart. I might be in a position one day to actually be in love with the machine. I mean, can you imagine that?”

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